Unboxing your Maccawakka Nut Cracker

Cracking Nuts has never been easier than with our Maccawakka Nut Cracking tool

We believe this is the best nut cracker on the market but why don't you take a look for yourself.

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Instruction to use your new Nut Cracker, so you can start Busting some nuts.


When you receive the MaccaWakka, follow these simple steps to ensure proper handling and usage:

Follow these easy steps to crack your Macadamia nuts effortlessly using the MaccaWakka:

With the MaccaWakka, cracking Macadamia nuts has never been easier. Order yours today and savor the taste of freshly cracked Macadamia nuts!

Pro Tips to cracking nuts the best and fastest way.

To streamline the nut-loading process, place the nuts on a tray and effortlessly pick them up by pushing the MaccaWakka's cup over each nut. This time-saving technique will make cracking even faster and more efficient.

For convenient separation of the kernels and shells, eject the cracked nuts directly into a bowl of water or beer. The kernels will float to the top while the shells sink, allowing for easy separation. This method also simplifies the removal of small bits of kernel that may be left behind.

For additional tips and tricks on using the MaccaWakka, including how to open a beer without damaging the cap, we invite you to watch our instructional video on YouTube. Discover the full range of possibilities and unlock the true potential of your MaccaWakka nut cracker.



Notes for Cleaning and safe use of your Maccawakka Nut Cracker:

These cleaning instructions and precautions should help maintain the quality and functionality of your MaccaWakka nut cracker.

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