International Shipping Policy and T&C's

Global shipping costs for Maccawakka Nut cracker

Just add the appropriate amount from below to your order (Ie shipping of one unit to USA will be MaccaWakka price plus freight of $45), for bulk orders of multiple nutcrackers going to the same address, please email me directly by filling in the form. The shipping price below is for standard air freight and normally 14 to 20 days delivery time.  As soon as it is sent I will email you a tracking number.

Additional cost for one Unit shipped to the following (AUD)

Australia $12.50

New Zealand - $30.00

The USA - $45.00

Canada - $45.00

UK - $50.00

South Africa - $65.00

Indonesia - $41.00

Mexico - $65.00

The Netherlands - $50.00

France - $50.00

Germany - $50.00

Singapore - $41.00

Israel - $65.00

Thailand - $41.00

UAE - $65.00

India - $45.00

Saudi Arabia - $65.00

Care Instructions

The adjustment nut on the end of the pin relies on friction to stop it turning when you turn the Stainless steel pin on top. Because of this it may be necessary to push the pin to one side to create the friction to get it to turn.

If the MaccaWakka nut cracker gets dirty for any reason you can wash it in warm soapy water. You can remove the pin and the spring totally just by tuning it anticlockwise until the round nut on the other end falls out. Please be careful with this round nut as it may create a chocking risk for children.

The natural timber handle will be affected by being left in direct sunlight and the timber might dry and crack, please do not leave it in the sun or weather.

Shipping Policy

All care is taken to ensure the MaccaWakka is packaged properly so that it will arrive safe and ready to crack nuts.

When it comes out of the box it may need the button on the handle to be gently tapped on the strike plate to free up its function. Pressing the button a few times should free it up. The stainless steel button on the handle is shipped screwed all the way in and this is where it needs to be to open a beer approximately. 

You will need to screw the button out (anticlockwise) to insert your nut and you may need to push sideways on the bolt slightly to gain the friction needed to turn the nut on the other end. This button can be screwed all the way out for cleaning if needed but in the normal course of things it should not need to be cleaned. The s/s nut and spring will fall out of the handle if the button is screwed out to far and so this should be kept away from children as the small parts may cause them harm. Keep out of direct sun, Do not put in dishwasher (can be washed in warm water).

If you pay by PayPal please make sure your default shipping address is up to date or notify us in the comments that it should be shipped to a different address. Any confusion caused by a old or inaccurate address being supplied may delay shipping or cause a loss of the item. If this loss is caused by information you provided directly or via paypal it will be at your expense and no refund will be given unless our items are returned.


It will crack 50,000 nuts without any need for repair or maintenance or we will send you another one. Of course you will need to prove how many nuts you have actually cracked ....

All jokes aside, this nut cracker should last forever if it is cared for properly and kept out of the weather. The only thing that has happened with mine is that the rubber mould in the end of it came unglued once but the glue is a special glue that never sets hard so I just pushed it back in.

The only other thing that has ever happened is that the strike plate is glued into the timber and during testing some of them came out but I have upgraded our process for attaching them since then. So I do not expect that to be a problem anymore.

Please let me know if you do have a serious fault with any of our products and I am certainly happy to rectify the situation if anything slips past our quality control. 

Terms and Conditions

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