The worlds Best Nut Cracker

For Tough Aussie Nuts

My inspiration is my Family and so a big thanks to my Mum and my 3 sons Noah, Eli and Moses

These are a beautiful hand made Natural timber Nut Cracker, It will last forever and makes a great Aussie Gift

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7 Nut Crackers Reviewed - Watch the Video above for more information and the full review

The silver Croc Macadamia nut cracker Reviewed

Look I don't know where you could buy this other than making me a obscene offer via my email address ?

As you can see on the video it cracked the nut and it looks good on the bar or your coffee table.

All reasonable offers considered but I really like it on my bar, so maybe somethings just have no price ?

Crack A Mac Reviewed

Rating 3 out of 10

The Crack a Mac is probably the cheapest nut cracker on the market after a Hammer. Unfortunately I think a hammer would be more useful at cracking nuts than this nut cracker. It looks pretty and would make a cheap gift but will most likely be in the bin 20 min after the first person tries to use it. This is not a good gift idea, it is cheap for a reason.

Price $10.95 - ($19.90 on Ebay) - search it on ebay for comments before you buy it.

Hammer Reviewed

A hammer is the way I used to crack Macadamia nuts as a kid. It is surprising effective when compared to both of the screw type nut crackers.

The best thing about this nut cracker is that you probably already have one at home but just in case I have included the link for a Bunnings store in Australia where you can pick one up. By far the cheapest nut cracker but just no match for the Maccawakka

Price $7.25 pick up from your local Bunnings store

Aussie Mac Cracker Reviewed

Rating 4 out of 10

This is a well constructed steel screw type of nut cracker. Unfortunately I think like all this type of nut cracker the screw action is very slow and after you screw it down you have to unscrew it for your next nut size.

If you like nuts you might starve before you get a feed with this nut cracker

Price $23.95 plus freight

CJ's Nut cracker

Rating 6 out of 10

Cj's Nut cracker is a good nut cracker, strong and certainly capable of cracking any nut no matter how big or small.

I really like the way CJ's nut cracker catches the nut shell in the tray after cracking the nut. This is a handy function and probably contributes greatly to the cost of freight on the product. It is strong and well built but lacks some finishing touches as the pins and the mechanism is made from mild steel and not stainless steel like the Maccawakka.

Also after cracking just a few nuts, I did get sick of pulling the big handle as it has a lot of travel just to crack one nut.

I have children and this product does concern me when it comes to pulling that big leaver, if any child had their finger in the way it would be crushed.

Price - $99 plus freight

MaccaWakka - Worlds best Nut Cracker Reviewed

Rating 10 out of 10

If you are looking for a great nut cracker that looks good on your coffee table of the bar, you can not go past the MaccaWakka

For form and function it is the best nut cracker on the market. Made from quality stained timber and Stainless steel, this hand crafted Nut Cracker will be a feature on your bar for many years to come.

The Macca Wakka is adjustable for different size nuts and will easily crack the Australian Macadamia nut and any other nut by adjusting the pin to suit your favourite nuts. It even cracks wall nuts with ease.

Price $59.90 plus freight (international customers welcome)

Nut Buster Reviewed

Rating 7 out of 10

A good nut cracker but the Nut Buster has a cheap looking construction with a wire pin to push the cracked nut out and a Mild steel "nut" siting on top that just looks ugly.

The main difference between the MaccaWakka and the Nut Buster, is that the Nut Buster can not adjust for different size nuts and It can not open a beer or crush the nuts with the handle.

This nut cracker is available from Qld Nut Works store and I have included the link if you click on the image above here but please share this page on facebook before you go.

Price $49.90 plus freight

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